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Vulnerable Members

Robbed of childhood experiences



Our Story


Project HopeBags

It is no doubt that the COVID19 pandemic has been difficult for all of us. But for seniors who are isolated from their loved ones, times can truly feel hopeless. Our whole community was so discouraged by the negativity and we knew the only way to fight the darkness was to spread some light. And so, we started off by writing 1000+ HopeCards filled with positive messages in many different languages for seniors in long-term care and retirement homes. After learning about the realities of children our age who were in foster care, we wanted to uplift them during these tough times. This is when Project HopeBags was initiated. These bags of hope are filled with items to let children have experiences that they will forever cherish. Learn more about our current projects and initiatives. 

Project HopeBags is an initiative to help bring back the experiences and laughter that kids in care are robbed of. The HopeBags include items like toys, blankets, and yummy snacks that some kids are not fortunate enough to receive. In order for us to achieve our goal of every child in a care to receive a HopeBag. We NEED your help. So we are asking you to get involved through either donating or spreading the word so that we can put a smile on a child's face. 

Our Story

Project HopeBags

Help bring a smile to vulnerable members by being a #HopeSpreader

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Do you want to join the movement and be updated on all the latest initiatives The HopeSisters are doing? Follow our social media platforms in order to stay updated on how you can be a HopeSpreader. 

The Sisters

The HopeSisters are two ambitious youth with one mission, to spread hope. They both are passionate about creating a generation that gives back and dismantles systemic inequities. Learn more about the both of them.  

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